Tom Campbell: How Consciousness Connects to the Avatar

Tom Campbell: How Consciousness Connects to the Avatar

How many assumptions should a good scientific model (In this case, a big theory of everything) contain?

Tom Campbell, physicist and author of My Big TOE, presents to us a brief glimpse into the logical process he used to derive his theory (Big Theory of Everything, or Grand Unified Theory) (See also: “Solving the ‘Hard Problem’ of Physics and Consciousness” on this channel) in this and other interviews. (The Calgary workshop, this channel, presents the entire theory in an encapsulated form)

A good model or theory, particularly if it represents a TOE, should be elegant and simple. The fewer assumptions required to describe all the known facts, the more likely it is that the model represents truth.

Tom’s Big TOE theory contains only two assumptions. Consciousness exists. It evolves. The rest is logically derived.

By comparison, “Many Worlds” theory and ”string” theory, two of the most popular current scientific attempts at “little TOEs”, contain around 14 assumptions each.

In this interview you will hear why virtual reality and time are needed for Consciousness evolution, and the answer to perhaps one of the most perplexing questions of all time for scientists: How Consciousness connects to the physical. Tom’s site Events site for Tom

Interview and comments by Donna Aveni
Edited by Keith Warner

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