PLANTS can SPEAK! WATER has memory. The universe is conscious! Scientific PROOF!

PLANTS can SPEAK! WATER has memory. The universe is conscious! Scientific PROOF!

PLANTS can SPEAK! Plants are conscious! WATER is conscious! Scientific PROOF!
WATER has EMOTIONAL MEMORY! The universe is conscious! The elements all communicate with one another, even at cosmic distances (because of entanglement?)
Science shows us remarkable evidence that plants are not only alive, but can think, feel, even speak.
And PLANTS can also FEEL our EMOTIONS and interact with us.
Plants know when other life dies, or is in distress.
We are all inter-connected in ways we have not been taught in school.
Water has emotional memory.
Water also show evidence of quantum entanglement, action at a distance, as well as the ability to communicate over vast distances instantly.
Perhaps all the elements found in the cosmos are connected with universal consciousness?
Using plants as a tool to communicate throughout the galaxy and beyond.
Science could be using hydrogen to communicate with other hydrogen.

We are water.
Water may be imprinted with every energy it is exposed to. so are we.
There are facts about how the ‘reality’ we call life actually operates, that most people do not know, and will not be told.
It is time humanity learns about his connection to the intelligent conscious cosmos, and, perhaps, find our creator.
Hopefully, men of science may be convinced to stop producing technology used for evil, murder and control, and begin to create a world where human kind lives in harmony with all life.
HOWEVER, in nature as in cosmology, there may be forces/life forms that desire what we are or what we have, and they may stop at nothing to take everything from us.
How do we prepare for such an event?
How do we open our minds to the possibilities that science has created?
alternate dimensions? time travel? deportation? interaction with non-human species or intelligence?
Humanity has a hard time dealing with itself. being ruled and controlled by people and forces that do not have humanities best interests in mind.
We still have not discovered a way to live without greed, murder, fear, poverty, sickness, injustice, genocide, etc.
Does humanity even have a chance?
I hope and pray we do.
We are a wondrous species capable of the greatest love and the worst violent hate.
Will we ever live in peace?

I hope this video will help to open your heart and mind to the interconnectedness of all life.
We have a long way to go before we understand how our world actually works.
We owe it to ourselves, each other, our creator, and all life everywhere, to work toward enlightenment, to attain a higher level of consciousness and understanding.
In a new world order world, where we are being mind controlled, scaler wave attacks, misinformation information warfare, weather control, depopulation, war, hate, disease, death, cults, murder, poverty, greed, hate, stupidity and satanic deeds and worship, perhaps it would be wise for humanity to LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT LIFE, CONSCIOUSNESS, and EVERYTHING!

Blessings and peace to you all.
Thank you for watching.

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