Johann “John” Grander – The Waterman of Tirol – Inventor of Revitalized Water

This is the story of John Grander from Austrian who was the inventor of revitalized water. In this video, you will learn about his life history, his thoughts about our life and the relationship we have with water.

He believes that the water that we drink from the taps in our home is “dead” water. During transportation to our home – the chlorine, fluoride, industrial contaminants and “negative frequencies” from our electric power grid and wireless microwave technologies have killed the vital organisms that nourishes and detoxifies our body.

He feels as do many others that have purchased his products that byy using his methods of water revitalization, we can experience the original energy and beneficial microbes that are contained in the fresh mountain streams that flow from the Austrian alps and many other places of the world.

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