DIY Hydrogen Water

DIY Hydrogen Water

Simple, inexpensive method for producing hydrogen water. For info on hydrogen water:


Based on suggestions here and further experimentation here are the current parameters I use for this protocol:
The bottles are half-liters or so and my current recipe for that size is 4 new 5″ rods (or equivalent surface area in 5-7 older rods), 1 gm of malic acid, fill to top with hot water and seal and refrigerate for 3 hours. (can leave up to 12 hours with only slight degrading of concentrations, providing the seals are still tight on the bottles.) This produces regularly 3-4.0 ppm concentrations of H2 water provided you rotate/shake the container 30 sec or so before opening to further help dissolve the H2. (If you’re getting a good pop when opening the bottle, feel confident you’re getting close to these concentrations.) I also now inhale 1 big breath of the H2 gas after opening through a funnel per David Zweig’s suggestion.

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