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Miracle water found at Tlacote Mexico contains 1 part per billion (ppb) of Hydrogen is now available in the Phils… and yet can cure most of deadly diseases like Diabetes, Stroke, HIV, Cancers and many more. Even Majic Johnson ( former NBA Star ) fly there to drink the water. The Suso Pure Hydrogen Water […]

DIY Hydrogen Water

Simple, inexpensive method for producing hydrogen water. For info on hydrogen water: Homepage Based on suggestions here and further experimentation here are the current parameters I use for this protocol: The bottles are half-liters or so and my current recipe for that size is 4 new 5″ rods (or equivalent surface area in 5-7 older […]

Active H2

For more information on Active H2, visit http://www.marsvenus.com/p/active-h2-molecular-hydrogen Subscribe to John Gray’s Mars Venus YouTube channel for more helpful health tips and down to earth advice on life, love and relationships. Follow John Gray Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Mars.Venus.John.Gray Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/marsvenus Website: http://www.MarsVenus.com – the official home of John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are from Mars, Women […]