David Icke Why We Are All One Consciousness

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PLANTS can SPEAK! WATER has memory. The universe is conscious! Scientific PROOF!

PLANTS can SPEAK! Plants are conscious! WATER is conscious! Scientific PROOF! WATER has EMOTIONAL MEMORY! The universe is conscious! The elements all communicate with one another, even at cosmic distances (because of entanglement?) Science shows us remarkable evidence that plants are not only alive, but can think, feel, even speak. And PLANTS can also FEEL […]

NASA Physicist Tom Campbell: “We Live in a Virtual Reality, PRESS START & Play the Game of Life

Interview w/ NASA Physicist Tom Campbell on simulation theory & the purpose of life… Tom’s Website: Read Tom’s Book for FREE here: Discuss this video, & more, at the forums: Red Pill on Facebook: Follow Me on Twitter: Cool Shirts: Become a “Red Pill Member” for Exclusive Content: […]

Tom Campbell: The Key to Understanding Our Reality (from Spokane)

“In the early 1900’s, physicists understood the nature of Reality better then than they do now.” In this excerpt from the May 2014 Spokane workshop, Tom Campbell clarifies 100 years of misinterpretations by physicists regarding the meaning of the Double Slit Experiment. What does the Double Slit Experiment tell us about the nature of Reality? […]

Tom Campbell: How Consciousness Connects to the Avatar

How many assumptions should a good scientific model (In this case, a big theory of everything) contain? Tom Campbell, physicist and author of My Big TOE, presents to us a brief glimpse into the logical process he used to derive his theory (Big Theory of Everything, or Grand Unified Theory) (See also: “Solving the ‘Hard […]